Let's have your original taste with [Yuzu Kosyo]


We deliver 【Yuzu Kosho】 to your home.~~

A little ingenuity for the usual food!

We sell high-scented [Yuzu Kosho].



Hello (*▽)

I am Yuzuty,  selling  [Yuzu kosyo](Citron Peper)


It's now the season for fragrant ginseng.

It's a beautiful season!


when it comes to aroma,

The smell of Yuzu(Citron) is also good.

It's wonderful, isn't it?


Do you know how[Yuzu kosyo] were made in the first place?


There are two theories!


○Hitoda City theory

I don't like the taste of miso soup in the morning...

I want a little more flavor...

Oh, why don't you pick up special Citron?

So they made their own seasoning mixture of Citron and pepper and

stocked it.

When the number of visitors to a nearby Shrine began to increase,

I opened a small shop on the approach.

I started selling that homemade seasoning.

Ten years later, the rumor had risen;

To be a hot item (*°*)

From there, it spread all over the country.


○Futsugemura theory

"The taste of sashimi was always wasabi..."

Is there something different once in a while?

with Citron, red pepper and salt

It was the beginning of the development of a new flavor!

I heard that it was sold gradually.


These two theories are the dominant ones!


But when I looked it up

There are other things!


In Kyushu,

[Citron] is planted in the garden and in the field.

They say they were frequently used for home cooking.


At that time, it was handmade in each family.

I see.


It's not even true of your family.

Do you have [your own taste]?


He has served himself with pepper.

Why don't you try to make a meal?