We deliver 【Yuzu Kosho】 to your home.~~

A little ingenuity for the usual food!

We sell high-scented [Yuzu Kosho].



Hello (*▽)

I am Yuzuty,  selling  [Yuzu kosyo](Citron Peper)


It's the season to see autumn leaves here and there.

The season for coloring the whole surface of the leaves is beautiful.

The beauty of red and orange that you can see through the green spaces is exceptional!


It's what we call a "kaima-miru"


Among Japanese aesthetics,

There are many such cultures.


instead of looking at everything openly...



The moon was hidden in the clouds.

a beautiful woman who looks dimly behind a bamboo blind

The summer sky seen from the blind...


Not openly, but just at glance.

It's an ancient Japanese culture.


Isn't that the same thing [Yuzu Kosyo] can say?

both Citron and pepper.

I can't see a shadow or shape...


But if you put it in your mouth...

a fragrant palm

The red pepper has a sharp aftertaste.


in secret from cooking

I couldn't help smiling.


It's very easy to add to the taste!


To put it on meat,

at the time of alcohol disposal

In addition, it dissolves.


If it's an ordinary dish,

When you put it in the last place with the seasoning added to the sushi-sushi, you will smell fluffy and sweet.

for deep-fried food

with water-soluble pepper

with a quick coating

Even if you eat it as it is, it tastes rich!


Also, specific dishes are available.

I'm going to go up here.(*°*)


It's a secret flavor.

Please enjoy it with [Yuzu Kosyo] ★