The Memory with...


Orange persimmon has become a beautiful season in the autumn sky!

Autumn is getting deeper, isn't it?


Speaking of autumn fruits...

The typical thing is [An apple]!


In an essay by Japanese scholar Hayashi Nozomu, there was a chapter about the English apples.


The English apples are smaller and redder than Japan.

and when they came near they smelled Good.


When the author visited the British residence in the country, he was called "just before you left..." and dropped in at a small hut built near the lake.

When I opened the door, I heard that there were apples full of them.

It was a place to keep the apples in the garden.

From there he took an apple, and said to the author,


On my way home alone...

Wipe the apple with the edge of the trousers.

And then he stumbled on it.

It's filled with juice...

appreciate a wonderful gift from one's friend

It was a fun trip home on the moon and night.


Since then, the aroma of apples reminds me of the country's night streets.

(Reference: Hayashi's "British is delicious")


The memory of Smell is amazing, isn't it?

with a slight scent.

They take us to the scenery of the past.


Is there an episode like that?


"My dear fellow!"

I am aiming for that fragrance (*^^)*)


Don't destroy the scent of palm.


and signed a contract with a special palm-growing farmer;

I'm using a special method.

Above all, the package was designed!


Genuine pepper is often sold in bottles...


The drawback was that it was easy to deteriorate with a bottle.

So I used it this time in its current shape!


The lid is also attached, so it is hard to deteriorate and is easy to use and finished.


It is also popular with customers ^_^


The Memory with the fragrance of Yuzu!

How do you like it?


May it be a wonderful memory for you (*^^)*)