Russian roulette Fry chicken


It's already in full bloom.

It's a beautiful season with a row of ginkgo trees, autumn leaves and various colors.


Speaking of autumn leaves...

Do you know this anecdote of Seno Rikyu, who completed the Tea ceremony?


One autumn day:

Rikyu ordered his pupil to clean the garden.


with a clean sweep of the garden

When he went to Rikyu...


"Not yet, the cleaning has not finished."

said Rikyu.


looking at the garden where there was no fallen leaves

The apprentice bites his head.


Rikyu saw it.


he shook the tree gently.

on mossy rocks and soil

The coloerd leaves have fallen off.



red leaves was fallen off to the deep green moss and brown ground

as if it were broiled

It seems that a beautiful sight.


It's anecdote that embodies the thought [beauty of Senryu.


It's important to do something perfectly.

a little playful

It gives us an unexpected sight.


An interesting dish from here!


[Russian roulette Fry chicken]

1.cut chicken into bite-size pieces

2 .Prepare two small bowls

 A sauce mixed with sake, soy sauce, chopped garlic and ginger.

 Another bowl is made of sauce mixed with sake, soy sauce and pepper.

3.Place the chicken cut into three halves in a bowl of 2 for about 30 minutes.

4. Put the chicken in a new bowl containing half of the chestnut powder and the thin powder.

5. Fry in oil.

6And eat!

 Then... though I was eating fried ginger and garlic...

All of a sudden, the smell of the Yuzu!

In other words, a nice Russian roulette with fried chicken.


We only need a little pickle.

Amazingly fragrant!


How about looking at you in surprise?