like illumination

It was autumn. It's illuminated all over the city. It shines brightly. Do you know why the illumination is at this time of year? Originally, what was the origin of the illumination? It's a religious reformer called Martin Luther. depressed by his sin problems and worries He was walking in the dark woods. He looked up, and found it among the dark trees, the starry sky! When he saw it... It's not just that the dark nightly road turned into a beautiful road with twinkling stars. Even in the dark, his hopes were rising. He tried to reproduce it by decorating a tree with candles. That's the beginning of the illumination. I want you to see bright lights and have hope even in the dark. That's what you think! If you look at the city... It's a landscape that you've always had. twinkling It changes like a new landscape! It would be nice if such things happened every day. What's my recommended recipe for you? [Miso soup with chili pepper] Make it simple. Sprinkle YUZAU KOSHO gently into the miso soup that you always cook.I like the amount! The ingredients include egg. The most simple tofu! Oh, only tofu... while pretending After taking a sip, the fragrance of palms spreads. You've seen the scenery so far. I'm sure it'll change to something nice new (*°*) Please try it!