Mochi Mochi Mochi with Yuzu Kosyo

Happy New Year! ((* ゚▽゚) 2020! What kind of year will the Olympics year be? I hope you all have a wonderful year! Well, when it comes to New Year... "Mochi" is the standard Food in Japan. We eat “Zouni(mochi soup)”. “Age Mochi (fried mochi)” “Yaki Mochi (baked mochi)”.. There are a lot of ways to eat it. Do you know why we eat “Zouni,(Mochi soup) on New Year's Day? Here's the question! Building the roots of Japanese culture It's important to shape the character of the Japanese. What has contributed so much? Hint 1: Jomon Period → Yayoi Period Hint Two: Hunting tribe → Farming tribe That's right! It was rice! During the long-lasting hunting-oriented Jomon period, Suddenly, the "Rice culture" brought about by the continent made Japan a nation-building nation. Also, it is a well-established theory that the national character of the Japanese is that they are "agricultural people" because they are "diligence, polite and punctual." For Japanese, "rice" was special. Since the Heian period, special rice = Mochi(rice cakes) have been eaten on celebrations and special occasions! What kind of eating do you like? There are many ways to eat, so it's fun, isn't it? But... The problem with the rice cake is! We get tired of it...(;) when you look at "Oh, it's time to buy Mochi." At first, it's delicious. As we ate it, we gradually... It's moldy before you know it! I'd like to tell you how to eat fancy Mochi today! (a) Isobe mochi arrangement with Yuzu Koxho Dip soy sauce on the grilled rice cake and roll it with seaweed. If you add a little bit of pepper and pepper to the glue,The impact is so spicy! 2. Yuzu kosho & miso Before baking the rice cake, apply a sauce made by mixing miso and Yuzu Kosho with sake. When you bake it in an oven toaster... The fragrance of the fragrant miso and the fragrance of Yuzu are floating!((*) A happy item. Yuzu Koxho with cheese If you want to stay strong, Pour a thin layer of pepper on the baked Mochi. Put sliced cheese on top of it! Melted heese and Yuzukosyo is match! It's simple! It's very good. Why don't you think about other arrangements? I'm sure it'll be a fun time! Please give it a try it!