Mochi Mochi Mochi with Yuzu Kosyo


Happy New Year! ((* ゚▽゚)  <br> 2020! <br> 

What kind of year will the Olympics year be? <br> 

I hope you all have a wonderful year! <br> 


Well, when it comes to New Year...  <br> 

"Mochi" is the standard Food in Japan. <br> 

We eat “Zouni(mochi soup)”. <br> 

“Age Mochi (fried mochi)”  <br> 

“Yaki Mochi (baked mochi)”.. <br> 


There are a lot of ways to eat it. <br> 

Do you know why we eat <br> 

“Zouni,(Mochi soup) on New Year's Day? <br> 

Here's the question! <br> 

Building the roots of Japanese culture  <br> 

It's important to shape the character of the Japanese.  <br> 

What has contributed so much?  <br> 


Hint 1: Jomon Period → Yayoi Period  <br> 

Hint Two: Hunting tribe → Farming tribe <br> 

 <br>  That's right! It was rice!  <br> 

During the long-lasting hunting-oriented Jomon period, <br>  Suddenly, the "Rice culture" brought about by the continent made Japan a nation-building nation.  <br> 

Also, it is a well-established theory that the national character of the Japanese is that they are "agricultural people" because they are "diligence, polite and punctual. <br> 

" For Japanese, "rice" was special. Since the Heian period, special rice = Mochi(rice cakes) have been eaten on celebrations and special occasions! What kind of eating do you like?  <br> 

There are many ways to eat, so it's fun, isn't it? <br> 

But... The problem with the rice cake is!  <br> 

We get tired of it...(;)  <br> 

when you look at "Oh, it's time to buy Mochi."  <br> 

At first, it's delicious.  <br> 

As we ate it, we gradually...  <br> 

It's moldy before you know it! <br> 

I'd like to tell you how to eat fancy Mochi today!  <br> 

(a) Isobe mochi arrangement with Yuzu Koxho Dip soy sauce on the grilled rice cake and roll it with seaweed. <br> 

If you add a little bit of pepper and pepper to the glue, <br> 

The impact is so spicy!  <br> 

2. Yuzu kosho & miso Before baking the rice cake, apply a sauce made by mixing miso and Yuzu Kosho with sake. <br> 

When you bake it in an oven toaster...  <br> 

The fragrance of the fragrant miso and the fragrance of Yuzu are floating! <br> 

((*) A happy item. Yuzu Koxho with cheese If you want to stay strong, Pour a thin layer of pepper on the baked Mochi.  <br> 

Put sliced cheese on top of it! <br> 

Melted heese and Yuzukosyo is match! <br> 

It's simple! It's very good.  <br> 

Why don't you think about other arrangements?  <br> 

I  'm sure it'll be a fun time! Please give it a try it! <br>